May 29, 2012

End of May Update

Artist's proof for the new signage.

 That's the door finished, now with its glass panel in place.

An attractive entrance.

Here is the link to the Welcome to Yorkshire website.

May 22, 2012

Studio and gallery update

The new door on the right will lead via the wheelchair accessible path to the new studio and gallery.

Chris Peacock, a local builder from Carperby, works on the exterior door.

 Chris hard at work!

There's progress inside too, and Tabs seems puzzled by the changes to home!

The new interior door was built by joiner and cabinet-maker Dave Bushby of Hawes.

Almost ready to begin painting the walls. Then the lighting has to go in, and the floor laid.

Images © Brian Alderman

May 13, 2012

Work Underway on the Burtersett Studio and Gallery

It was originally a door, then a window, and now it's back to a door again, as work progresses in turning Brian's front room at Hillcrest into a small working studio and gallery, with its own entrance. See how the front of the house looked before, here.

Inside, there's much work to be done!